Same Day Teeth


CEREC SAME-DAY CROWNS – Dr. Laila Rizvi now provides the state of the art  “Computer-assisted design-Computer-assisted manufacture”, or  “CAD-CAM.” With CEREC’s CAD-CAM technology, your crown is made by a computer while you wait, thus eliminating your second appointment and a temporary crown. These CEREC crowns are milled out of pure ceramic, zirconia or a combination of both.

  • CEREC crowns are made in one visit, saving you considerable time.
  • With CEREC, there is no need to endure the potential discomfort of a temporary crown. 
  • CEREC material and technology can also be used for fillings. Since they are made out of porcelain, they are more durable than white composite fillings. 
  • Call My DentalCare Center today to inquire about Cerec Same Day Crowns. 


Have you ever considered eliminating your denture?  Getting rid of those wrinkles and marionette lines?  Eating more naturally like you did with your own teeth?

  • You no longer need to dream of this; getting teeth back can be reality!! 
  • In less than 24 hours, Dr. Laila Rizvi can transform your smile from ill-fitting dentures or decayed and broken teeth, to a full set of teeth that you no longer have to remove each night! With just four to six implants these teeth are placed on top of your gums and the need for covering the roof of your mouth or all that pink acrylic is eliminated.  
  • Same Day Teeth are a real option and people like you are getting this done every day all over the United States. You no longer need to travel to get this procedure- at My DentalCare Center you can get your 'same day teeth' right here in Orlando.
  • Now Dr. Laila Rizvi can provide you with the comfort and security that you have been missing with your removable dentures.  Call My DentalCare Center today for a consultation on “same day teeth” and let Dr. Laila Rizvi show you how easily and comfortably you can be eating your favorite foods again.